Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Take Your Pick – Greg OlsenTake Your Pick
House Of Broken Dreams - Crosby, Stills & Nash - Live It Up
Bonnie Came Back - Duane Eddy - Greatest Hits

The Odd Sock
Shakespeare - Rowan Atkinson

Stand Back - Fleetwood Mac - Outside Work
Isn’t It A Pity (alternative version) - George Harrison - All Things Must Pass
Land Of Make Believe - The Easybeats - Vigil

The Stuff You Left In Your Pockets
Wine Wine Sweet Wine – Wynonie Harris
Pete Kelly’s Blues - Ella Fitzgerald
Vibe Boogie - Lionel Hampton
I Don’t Mean A Thing - Duke Ellington
Hide Me In Thy Bosom - Blind Willie McTell
Liquor Store - Sleepy John Estes

In The Time Of Our Lives
Filled With Fear
Soul Experience
You Can’t Win
Are You Happy?
In-a-Gadda-da-Vida - Iron Butterfly - Iron Butterfly Live

Open To Ideas - The Faces - Good Boys (When They’re Asleep)
The Farmer’s Daughter - Fleetwood Mac - Outside Work
Art Of Dying - George Harrison - All Things Must Pass

Young Love - Lesley Gore - Start The Party Again
She’s Sure The Girl I Love - The Fortunes - Here It Comes Again
Tea For One - Led Zeppelin - The Presence

Face The Moon - Heritage - Masque
Better Things - The Kinks - The Ultimate Collection
The Big City - Ed Kuepper - The Blue House

Catch Me Falling - The Lemon Pipers - The Best Of …
She Said - The Valentines - I Used To Hear That On The Radio
Product Name - D Generation

I Can’t Let Go Of This Feeling - Ram Jam Big Band - I Used To Hear That On The Radio
Terrible Way To Treat Your Baby - The Vibrants - I Used To Hear That On The Radio
News Tonight - The 2 Ronnies

What Do You Do? - Spice Of Life - I Used To Hear That On The Radio
Take Another Little Piece Of My Heart - Nova Express - I Used To Hear That On The Radio
La Kookaracha- Aunty Jack Cast - Auntyology

Quote “The Beatles are not merely awful … they are god-awful. They are so unbelievably horrible, so appallingly unmusical, so dogmatically insensitive to the magic of the art, that they qualify as crowned heads of anti-music” -
William F. Buckley

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