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Take Your Pick – Greg OlsenTake Your Pick
How Did You Know - Willie Porter - Willie Porter
Pay the Piper - Barry McGuire - Lighten Up

The odd sock
An Average Song - Allan Sherman

Quite Rightly So - Procol Harum - Collection
Claustrophobia - The Bee Gees - Hits
I Wanna Live - The Ramones - Ramones Mania

Stuff you left in your pockets
St. Louis Blues – Billy Holiday
Nobody’s Fault But Mine – Blind Boys of Alabama
Back Fence Picket Blues – Kokomo Arnold
Star Eyes – Dick Fregulia
Little White Lies – Tommy Dorsey & his orchestra
Jitterbug Waltz - Dinah Washington

Ace of Hearts - Chris Rea - Wired To The Moon
This Time - Benny Mardones - Too Much To Lose
Magnetic Highway / Remorse - Prop - Small Craft, Rough Sea

Love Gets Dangerous - Billy Brag - Brewing Up With Billy Bragg
There Is No Time - Lou Reed - New York
Don’t Start (Too Late) / Symptom Of The Universe - Black Sabbath - Sabotage

3-piece suit
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (episode 11) – Douglas Adams

Quote – “
When people hear good music, it makes them homesick for something they never had and never will have.
Edgar Watson Howe

Intros & Outtros (31st March)

1928 - William Orville “Lefty” Frizzell
1934 - Shirley Jones, singer & actress with The Partridge Family, and other movies & musicals
1934 - John D Loudermilk, country singer, rock drummer
1935 - Richard Hughes, drummer with The Johnny Winter Band
1937Herb Alpert, sax player & singer in The Tijuana Brass, and co-founder of the A&M record label
1937 - Mouth (William Duyn), of Mouth & MacNeal
1944 - Rod Allen (Rodney Bainbridge), bassist & vocals for The Fortunes
1946Al Nichol, guitarist in The Turtles
1947 - Al Goodman, singer for The Moments
1947 - Jon Jon Poulos, drummer for The Buckinghams
1948 - Mick Ralphs, guitarist for Mott The Hoople and Bad Company
1948 - Thijs Van Leer, organist, flautist & vocals with Focus
1953 - Sean Hooper, keyboard player and vocals for Huey Lewis & The News
1958 - Pat McGlynn, guitarist for The Bay City Rollers
1959 - Angus Young, guitarist for AC/DC
1964 - Erik Turner, guitarist for Warrant
1985 - Jeanine Deckers (The Singing Nun), died from an overdose of sleeping pills on this day, in a suicide pact with a friend
1986 - O’Kelly Isley of The Isley Brothers died of a heart attack on this day at 48. (Other sources attribute his death to cerebral haemorrhage. Ed)
1995 - Latino Selena was shot & killed by her former personal assistant and former president of her fan club, who had been fired for embezzlement

On this day (31st March)

1957 - Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Obie Wheeler and Glen Douglas opened a tour of the south in Little Rock, Arkansas
1958 - Chuck Berry released Johnny B. Goode
1960 - Lonnie Donegan sat at no. 1 on the UK singles charts with My Old Man’s A Dustman
1961 - Chris Kenners released I Like It Like That
1962 - The Beatles played their first gig in the south of England, at The Subscription Rooms in Stroud, on the same bill as The Rebel Rousers. Connie Francis was no. 1 on the US singles charts with Don’t Break The Heart That Loves You
1964 - The Beatles held the top 5 spots on Billboard’s Top 100: Can’t Buy Me Love, Twist & Shout, She Loves You, I Wanna Hold Your Hand and Please Please Me. They also had 7 other spots on the chart on the same day
1967 - Jimi Hendrix set fire to his guitar onstage for the first time playing at The Astoria in London. It was the first night of a 24-date gig, appearing with The Walker Brothers, Cat Stevens and Englebert Humperdink. Robert Plant released Our Song
1969 - John Lennon’s Rape (Film No. 6) world premiered on Australian National Television. george Harrison and Patti Boyd were fined £250 for use of illegal drugs
1972 - The Beatles Official Fan Club closed. The Beatles’ monthly magazine had ceased some 3 years previously. America’s debut LP America was no. 1 on Billboard
1973 - Donny Osmond’s cover of Johnny Mathis’s The Twelfth of Never was no. 1 on the UK singles chart. Lou Reed made his singles charts debut with Walk On The Wild Side
1974 - Television performed at CBGB in New York
1975 - Chicago received gold for Chicago VIII
1976 - Brotherhood of Man were no. 1 on the UK singles chart with Save Your Kisses For Me
1979 - Barbra Streisand’s Greatest Hits No 2 started a 4-week run at no. 1 on the UK chart
1982 - The Doobie Brothers announced their break-up
1984 - Kenny Loggins’s Footloose, theme from the movie of the same name, started 3 weeks at no. 1 in the US
1987 - Prince released Sign O’ The Times
1990 - Two members of Orbital were prohibited from performing on Top Of The Pops wearing T-shirts protesting about a local poll tax
1991 - Gloria Estefan was seriously injured when her tour bus collided with a juggernaut
1992 - 2 Bruce Springsteen albums go on sale at midnight: Human Touch and Lucky Town
1995 - Jimmy Page escaped being knifed onstage by a fan at a Page & Plant gig in Michigan. Guards apprehended the man who had intended to kill Jimmy because of the satanic music he was playing
1998 - An all-star tribute to Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours was released
2002 - Barry Gibb, of The Bee Gees, purchased his childhood home in Keppel Road, Chorlton, Manchester. He said he was going to clean it up, rent it out, and put a plaque on the wall. Celine Dion’s album, A New Day Has Come, started 4 weeks at no. 1 in the UK
2005 - RAP record company boss Marion “Suge” Knight was ordered to pay $107 million to a woman who claimed she helped him found Death Row Records in 1989. Lydia Harris said she invested in Death Row Records but was pushed out by Mr. Knight

Monday, March 22, 2010


Take Your Pick – Greg OlsenTake Your Pick
Beside You - Iggy Pop - American Caesar
Callin’ Me Home - Barry McGuire - Lighten Up

The odd sock
First, The News - The Two Ronnies

The Phone Call - The Pretenders - The Isle Of View
Follow The Wind - The Bee Gees - Hits
All Fall Down - Willie Porter - Willie Porter

Stuff you left in your pockets
Stepfather Blues – Big Joe Williams
Soldier – Blind Boys of Alabama
My Baby Quit Me – Leadbelly
Blue Koala Waltz – Dick Fregulia
Eager Beaver – Stan Kenton & his orchestra
Keepin’ Out Of Mischief - Dinah Washington

Magdalene (My Regal Zonophone) - Procol Harum - Collection
Sheila C. - Benny Mardones - Too Much To Lose
Low - Prop - Small Craft, Rough Sea

It Says Here - Billy Brag - Brewing Up With Billy Bragg
Sheena Is A Punk Rocker - The Ramones - Ramones Mania
Hole In The Sky - Black Sabbath - Sabotage

3-piece suit
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (episode 10) – Douglas Adams

Quote – “I don't care much about music. What I like is sounds.”Dizzy Gillespie

Intros & Outtros (24th March)

1922 - Dave Appell, singer / songwriter with The Applejacks
1937Billy Stewart, R&B singer and pianist in Bo Diddley’s band
1937George Fenton Hollis
1938 - Holger Czukay, bassist for Can
1944 - Patti LaBelle, vocalist for LaBelle
1946 - Colin Peterson, drummer for The Bee Gees
1947 - Mike Kellie, drummer for Spooky Tooth after V.I.P.
1948 - Lee Oskar, harmonica player for Night Shift (with friend Eric Burdon) and War
1949 - Nick Lowe, singer
1949 - Steve Lang, bassist for April Wine
1951 - Dougie Thompson, bassist for Supertramp
1960 - Nena (Gabriele Suzanne Kerner), singer
1970 - Pasemaster Mace, rapper with De La Soul
1970 - Sharon Corr, singer & violinist with The Corrs
1994 - Tommy Benford, jazz drummer died on this day at 88
1995 - Joey Long, blues / cajun guitarist died on this day at 62

On this day (24th March)

1941 - Glenn Miller began work on his first movie
1945 - Billboard published its first US album chart. Nat ‘King’ Cole sat at no. 1 withA Collection of Favourites
1958 - Elvis Presley presented himself to the Memphis Draft Board to enlist for compulsory National Service. His service no. was 53310761. His new job cost the US Government over $500,000 per year in lost taxes from his record earnings. Buddy Holly & The Crickets played the Cardiff Capitol
1962 - Mersey Beat poll winners The Beatles played The Barnston Women’s Institute. Admission price was 7 shillings & 6 pence. The Shirelles released Soldier Boy. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards perform as Little Boy Blue & The Blue Boys
1966 - Simon & Garfunkle had a UK singles chart debut with Homeward Bound
1972 - America was awarded gold for A Horse With No Name
1973 - Lou Reed had his bum bitten by a fan who climbed onstage and screamed “Leather!” at a concert in Buffalo, New York. The man was evicted & Lou completed the show. Alice Cooper went to UK album no. 1 with Billion Dollar Babies. The O’JaysLove Train topped the charts
1976 - Transvestite singer Wayne County appeared in court charged with assault after an incident at CBGB’s in New York. He attacked Dictators’s singer Handsome Dick Manitobe with a mike stand, fracturing his collarbone
1978 - Wings release With a Little Luck
1979 - The Bee Gees started a 2-week run at no. 1 on the US singles charts with Tragedy, their 8th No. 1 hit in the US. Supertramp released The Logical Song
1980 - The Beatles’s rarities was released, including rare versions of previously released songs including a stereo version of Penny Lane, She Loves You in German and an inner groove sound effect from Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band not found on the album released in the US
1984 - Former Commodores’s singer, Lionel Richie, was at no.1 on the UK singles charts with Hello
1985 - Easy Lover, by former Earth, Wind & Fire singer Philip Bailey and Phil Collins reached no. 1 on the UK singles charts
1986 - The soundtrack album to the movie Absolute Beginners was released. It featured Ray Davies, David Bowie and others
1990 - Alannah Myles started a 2-week run at no. 1 on the US singles charts with Black Velvet. Sinead O’Connor became the first Irish female solo artist to go to no. 1 on the UK album charts, with her I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got album. Gloria Estefan was awarded a Golden Globe for sales of 5 million outside the US
1991 - The Black Crowes were dumped as the support act for ZZ Top’s tour for repeatedly criticizing the tour sponsor, Miller Beer
1992 - A Chicago court settled the Milli Vanilli class action suit by approving cash rebates of up to $3.00 to anyone proving that they bought the group’s music before November 27th, 1990, the date of their lip-synching scandal
1997 - U2 were at no. 1 on the US album charts with Pop
1998 - Mark Morrison was gaoled for a year after attempting to con his way out of doing community service. He sent his minder, Gabriel Mafereka in his place, who wore sunglasses and tucked his hair up under his hat to look like the celebrity
2000 - A film company paid £635,000 for over 9 hours of film shot by Yoko Ono. The footage contained shots of John Lennon smoking hash and talking about his political beliefs. Sir Elton John’s Aida opened on Broadway. It took 21 days to write & over 5 years to put together
2002 - Gareth Gates became the youngest male solo artist to score a UK singles hit with his debut release Unchained Melody. Gates was 17 years and 255 days

Friday, March 12, 2010


Take Your Pick – Greg OlsenTake Your Pick
You Better Believe It - Mountain - Super Hits
Dance This Mess Around - B-52s - B-52s

The odd sock
Car Tips - Mr. Obvious

Highway Song - Iggy Pop - American Caesar
Don’t Let Me Down - Bad Company - Bad Co.
Lovers of Today - The Pretenders - The Isle Of View

Stuff you left in your pockets
New York City – Leadbelly
Amazing Grace – Blind Boys of Alabama
Brother James – Big Joe Williams
Don Joao – Don Burrows & The Brazilian Connection
Estrillita – Harry James & his orchestra
Ain’t Misbehavin’ - Dinah Washington

Don’t Panic - Powderfinger - Vulture Street
Eve Of Destruction / Don’t Blame God / 2 Chronicles 7:14 - Barry McGuire - Lighten Up
Big Yellow Pine - Willie Porter - Willie Porter

I Was A Lover, A Leader Of Men - The Bee Gees - Hits
Repent Walpurgis - Procol harum - Collection
Shiela C. - Benny Mardones - Too Much To Lose

3-piece suit
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (episode 9) – Douglas Adams

Quote – “When you can spell ‘subpoena’, that’s when you know you’ve made it”
David Lee Roth

Intros & Outtros (17th March)

1919 - Nat ‘King’ Cole (Nathaniel Adams Coles), singer. (Some references quote 1917. Ed)
1934QT Macon, blues singer & guitarist
1935Adam Wade, singer from Tony Orlando & Dawn
1939 - Dean Mathis of Dean & Mark, then The Newbeats
1939 - Clarence Collins, singer with Little Anthony & The Imperials (Some references quote 1941. Ed)
1940 - Vito Picone, lead for The Elegants
1941 - Paul Lorin Kantner, founding member, guitarist and vocals for Jefferson Airplane / Jefferson Starship
1944 - Patti Boyd, wife of George Harrison and later, Eric Clapton
1944 - John Sebastian, singer / songwriter, guitarist, harmonica player, member of The Lovin’ Spoonful (Some references quote 1941. Ed)
1946 - Harold Brown, drummer for War
1948 - Pat Lloyd, guitarist with The Equals
1951 - Scott Gorham, guitarist for Thin Lizzy
1954 - Wally Stocker of The Babys
1959 - Mike Lindup, vocalist & keyboard player for Level 42
1959 - Terry Hall of The Specials and Fun Boy 3
1962 - Roxy Dora Petrucci of Vixen
1962 - Claire Grogan of Altered Images
1967 - Billy Corgan, guitarist & vocalist for The Smashing Pumpkins
1967 - Van Connor of Screaming Trees
1973 - Caroline Corr, drummer, pianist, vocalist for The Corrs
1975 - Justin Hawkins, vocalist for The Darkness
1976 - Stephen Gately, vocalist for Boyzone
1982 - Samuel George Jr., lead singer for The Capitols, died on this day from a stabbing wound during a family argument
1990 - Ric Grech, bassist to The Farinas (later Family), Blind Faith, Air Force, Traffic, temporary member of The Crickets, KGB and Grechmas, and session musician for Jim Capaldi and Ronnie Bond, died on this day of debilities not unrelated to drug addiction. He was 44
1997 - Sunnyland Smart jazz & blues singer & pianist died on this day aged 87
1997 - Jermaine Stewart, singer who worked with Shalamar, The Temptations and Boy George, died of cancer on this day

On this day (17th March)

1958 - The Champs started a 5-week run at no. 1 on the US singles charts with Tequila. The Crickets play at The Gaumont, in Doncaster
1962 - The Ealing Club opened as a result of scorn for traditional jazz. Two sacked Chris Barber sidemen, harmonica player Cyril Davies and guitarist Alexis Korner formed Blues Incorporated in 1961, and in March 1962 found suitable premises for the band to play in West London’s Ealing Broadway. Playing in the band were Mick Jagger, Charlie Watts and Jack Bruce From this line-up emerged the nucleus of The Rolling Stones. The Shirelles released Soldier Boy. Billboard reported that Ray Charles started his own record label, Tangerine Records
1965 - The Beatles announced their upcoming movie was to be titled 8 Arms To Hold On To You. (It was named Help!)
1966 - The Walker Brothers had a UK no. 1 hits with The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore, originally a recording by Frankie Valli
1967 - The first night of a 17-date tour, Otis Redding, Eddie Floyd, Carla Thomas, Sam & Dave Booker T. & The MGs played London’s Finsbury Park Astoria
1968 - The Bee Gees made their TV debut on The Ed Sullivan Show)
1971 - Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Have You Ever Seen The rain was awarded gold
1972 - Ringo Starr released Back Off Boogaloo in the UK
1973 - Eric Weissberg started a 3-week run at no. 1 on the US album charts with Duelling Banjos, featuring the theme from the movie Deliverance
1976 - Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers played New York’s CBGB. Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter was awarded a re-trial in part because of the influence from Bob Dylan’s song Hurricane
1978 - The movie about US disc-jockey Alan Freed, American Hot Wax, premiered in the US
1979 - Gloria Gaynor started a 4-week run at no. 1 on the UK charts with I Will Survive. Bad Company released Rock & Roll Fantasy and Styx released Renegade
1990 - Prince began filming Graffiti Bridge, the follow-up to his Purple Rain movie
1995 - Madonna holds the record for “The World’s Biggest Pyjama Party” as 1500 guests gathered with pjs & teddy bears. This was all for a premiere of Madonna’s new movie Bedtime Stories
1997 - Elvis Presley Enterprises of Memphis, Tennessee, lost its court battle to stop London trader, Sid Shaw, using the name of “The King” on his souvenirs. The legal tussle had been going on for over 17 years and speaking after the ruling, Mr Shaw said, ”I’m delighted. I’ve proved that Elvis belongs to all of us – Elvis is part of our history, part of our culture”
1998 - Van Halen released Van Halen 3 and later held a record signing for fans at the Virgin Megastore in Times Square
2004 - Ray Davies, front man for The Kinks, received a CBE for services to the music industry
2005 - Justin Hawkins from The Darkness became the centre of the latest hands-on activity at Madame Tussauds in London. His wax double would judge the ‘air-guitar’ skills of visitors, who are invited to play an imaginary guitar with smoke & liquid pumping out. Hawkins said, I find the process of air-guitar rather silly. What makes a good air-guitarist? Alcohol”

Monday, March 8, 2010


Take Your Pick – Greg OlsenTake Your Pick
Isn’t She Lovely - Ross Nobel - Surviving
Up In The World - Art Garfunkel - Scissors Cut

The odd sock
Lucy In The Sky (With Diamonds) - William Shatner

Lead Me On - Larry Norman - Collected Works
Trusting You - Australian Crawl - Sirocco
For Yasgur’s Farm - Mountain - Super Hits

Stuff you left in your pockets
Train Whistle Blues – Blind Boy Fuller & Sonny Terry
Mexico City – John Mayall
L.A.Blues – Lightnin’ Hopkins
Papagio – Don Burrows & The Brazilian Connection
Music Makers – Harry James & his orchestra
Oleo - James Morrison & Adam Makowicz

Plastic & Concrete - Iggy Pop - American Caesar
52 Girls - B-52s - B-52s
Criminals - The Pretenders - The Isle Of View

Ready For Love - Bad Company - Bad Co.
Rage – Schitt AchtMetal 11
Eve Of Destruction / Don’t Blame God / 2 Chronicles 7:14 - Barry McGuire - Lighten Up

Don’t Panic - Powderfinger - Vulture Street
I Was A Lover, A Leader Of Men - The Bee Gees - Hits
Big Yellow Pine - Willie Porter - Willie Porter

3-piece suit
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (episode 8) – Douglas Adams

Quote – “These people are about as deep as a birdbath”
David Crosby (on teen pop)

Intros & Outtros (10th March)

1903 - Bix Beiderbecke, jazz cornet player
1940 - Dean Torrence, singer with Jan & Dean (also Jan & Arnie). Dean played with The Legendary Masked Surfers, and ran a design studio
1945 - Pete Nelson, vocals for The Flower Pot Men
1947 - Tom Scholz, guitarist & keyboard player for Boston
1948 - Jethro Burns (Kenneth C Burns), of Homer & Jethro
1950 - Ted McKenna, drummer for The Sensational Alex Harvey Band
1955 - Bunny DeBarge, of DeBarge
1962 - Gary Clark (Danny Wilson)
1963 - Jeff Ament, bassist for Pearl Jam
1964 - Neneh Cherry, singer
1964 - Patrick Kane of Hue & Cry
1965 - Tina Charles (Tina Hoskins)
1965 - Eddie Brickell, singer with The New Bohemians
1967 - Susie Q (Susan Banfield) of Cookie Crew
1969 - Ricky Seagall of The Partridge Family
1988 - Andy Gibb, singer and brother to The Bee Gees died on this day following a cocaine addiction which weakened his heart. He was 30
1989 - Doc Green of The Drifters, died on this day
1997Laverne Baker, singer, died on this day aged 67

On this day (10th March)

1956 - RCA Records placed a half-page ad in Billboard magazine claiming that Elvis Presley was the new singing rage. In Australia, Johnny Ray was mobbed by fans as he arrived for his first tour ‘down under’.
1959 - Elvis Presley released I Need Your Love Tonight / A Fool Such As I. The next day, RCA Records shipped a gold disc to Elvis, stationed in Germany, for advanced sales of over 1 million
1960 - UK trade paper Record Retailer published the UK’s first ever EP & LP chart. No.1 EP was Expresso Bongo by Cliff Richard & The Shadows and no. 1 LP was The Explosive Freddy Cannon
1961 - Jeff Barry, (Tell Laura I Love Her), signed an exclusive writing & recording deal with Trinity Music
1962 - Bruce Chanel started a 3-week run at no. 1 on the US singles charts with Hey Baby
1967 - The Monkees held no. 1 on the US album charts with More of The Monkees. Meanwhile, a London court appointed an independent receiver to handle The Beatles’ assets, and barred their manager Allen Klein from any more involvement in their affairs
1970 - Barbra Streisand recorded The Singer and I Can Do It
1972 - America were awarded gold for their debut LP
1973 - Pink Floyd released Dark Side of the Moon in the US, Steely Dan released Reelin’ in the Years and The Edgar Winter Group released Frankenstein
1974 - David Bowie recorded an in-concert album, David Live, at Philadelphia’s Tower Theatre
1975 - Carnegie Hall overflowed with fans who turned out to hear ex-Moody Blues artists Justin Haywood and John Lodge, now The Blue Jays
1977 - The Sex Pistols signed to A&M Records. The contract lasted 6 days. Pink Floyd’s album, Animal is declared platinum
1978 - The Bee Gees’s Stayin’ Alive was replaced at no. 1 by their Night Fever
1979 - Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive started 3 weeks at no. 1 on the US charts. Also, James Brown played the Grand Ole Opry
1984 - Van Halen’s Jump was no. 1 on the US singles charts
1988 - Onstage in Perth, Australia, George Michael thanked Tipper Gore, head of the Parents Musical Resource Committee, for helping to boost sales of his Faith LP
1990 - The published results of a survey amongst Russian teenagers revealed that the western rock acts they would most like to see live were Michael Jackson, Pink Floyd and The Beatles
1992 - Prince won a ‘Lifetime Achievement’ Award at the Soul Train awards ceremony. Also receiving awards were Natalie Cole and Color Me Badd
1995 - Former Stone Roses manager Gareth Evans’s £10 million lawsuit was settled out of court for an undisclosed sum
1996 - Alanis Morissette won Best Album for Jagged Little Pill, Best Female Singer, Best Rock Album, Best Songwriter and Best Single at the 25th Juno Awards held in Hamilton, Canada
2000 - The PretendersChrissie Hynde was arrested for leading an animal rights protest against clothing firm GAP, who were accused of using leather from cows slaughtered “illegally & cruelly”. The protest took place in a clothing store in Manhattan. The Daily Mail published pictures of Paul McCartney dancing with a cowgirl in the bar of a New York club. McCartney sang along to Whole Lotta Shakin’ through a megaphone and mimicked a striptease in front of onlookers
2001 - It was reported that the US manufacturer Art Asylum planned to send in excess of 100,000 Eminem dolls to shops in the UK. The life-like dolls had the rapper’s tattoos recreated in detail, including the words “Cut Here” on his neck
2002 - UK TV’s Pop Idol winner Will Young revealed in an interview that he was gay saying, “It’s no big deal, it’s just part of who I am”
2004 - Corey Taylor from Slipknot married Scarlett

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Take Your Pick – Greg OlsenTake Your Pick
Sell My Soul - Midnight Oil - Scream In Blue
A Heart In New York - Art Garfunkel - Scissors Cut

The odd sock
Mr. Obvious - Bob & Tom

Ladies’ Man - Ross Nobel - Surviving
Love Beats Me Up - Australian Crawl - Sirocco
Lead Me On - Larry Norman - Vol 3

Stuff you left in your pockets
Alberta – John Lee Hooker
Love That Burns – Fleetwood Mac
Burr Clover Farm Blues – Muddy Waters
Prossiga – Don Burrows & The Brazilian Connection
Sophisticated Swing – Les Brown & his orchestra
For You Irene - James Morrison & Adam Makowicz

Blood Of The Sun - Mountain - Super Hits
Planet Clare - B-52s - B-52s
Give Peace A Chance - Plastic Ono Band - Live Peace in Toronto 1969

Rock Steady - Bad Company - Bad Co.
Elements – AtheistMetal 11
Eve Of Destruction / Don’t Blame God / 2 Chronicles 7:14 - Barry McGuire - Lighten Up

Plastic & Concrete - Iggy Pop - American Caesar
I Was A Lover, A Leader Of Men - The Bee Gees - Hits
Criminals - The Pretenders - The Isle Of View

3-piece suit
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (episode 7) – Douglas Adams

Quote – “
I never have a realistic sense of self. I either think everything I do is terrible and I'm the worst guy on the planet, or from time to time I'll think I'm the greatest gift to music and the coolest guy who ever lived, but that happens maybe an hour out of the week. Some days I'm more concerned with how my hair looks than what my guitar sounds like
Dave Navarro